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In addition, being so fucking stoned all the time can affect job productivity, with Gary often delivering pizzas to the wrong house, or just showing up in customers' living rooms without thinking to bring their orders.

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In the late 1980s, Lewis was diagnosed with melanoma . It was identified in his arm, then surfaced in his lungs, and ultimately went to his brain. He died on February 2, 1990, just days before his band was to celebrate its 24th anniversary at the Village Vanguard .

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Right around the time we finished recording "Close To You," I heard "We've Only Just Begun," and created the arrangement. We were now putting together the album, and I was having serious thoughts about holding up "Close To You" and putting out "We've Only Just Begun." "Close To You" was just so different and understated for Top Forty radio that I worried. That track...we had to revert to a "click" because it was just so deliberate. (Bassist) Joe Osborn and Karen were like metronomes, (drummer) Hal Blaine and I tended to rush a little. But I remember Hal Blaine saying, "That's the one," about "We've Only Just Begun." It turns out both of them were the ones.

Herbie Nichols - The Complete Blue Note RecordingsHerbie Nichols - The Complete Blue Note RecordingsHerbie Nichols - The Complete Blue Note RecordingsHerbie Nichols - The Complete Blue Note Recordings