Valentino's - maar in amerika ... - 3-Ingredient Banana Pancakes Easy Gluten-Free Recipe.

She's sophisticated...She is classy...She is out of most men's league. She is shrewd. She does not settle for second best. Best treat her like the queen that she is.

I remember getting this one Christmas in my early 20's, this sat on my dresser basically collecting dust until it found a home with my older cousin. I decided to revisit this recently, as tastes change, and the classics seem a little softer these days.

This is oakmoss and vetiver heavy to me. I also pick up a smokiness here, even though incense is not listed in the notes, I pick up incense. I can see how some might find this sexy or alluring. As this dries down, I pick up almost a soapy note at times, but pretty much stays oakmoss and vetiver heavy for me. Despite that, this is not overly woody at all for me. Unique, one of a kind. I do love and appreciate this, but this is definitely one I have to be in the mood for and be 'ready' for.

But I kind of think this is sort of like broccoli or brussel sprouts...meaning that this is an acquired taste/smell, that people seem to either love or hate. Okay, hate is a strong word...Love or strongly dislike.

Not really a crowd-friendly scent. I would not wear this to the office nor anywhere I would be in really close quarters with people for any length of time. This is some powerful stuff. I can see someone with a really sensitive nose, allergies, asthma, etc, having a horrible attack around this, so I would definitely use this sparingly (or possibly forgo this totally)..especially if you do not know "who" you will be around. Two spritzes is plenty to get me through the day.

You can enjoy more wine and hand-holding instead of cleaning bowls, plates, spatulas and baking trays. It’s a one skillet dish!

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Valentino's - Maar In Amerika ...Valentino's - Maar In Amerika ...Valentino's - Maar In Amerika ...Valentino's - Maar In Amerika ...