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LIONSROCK provides an appropriate, lifelong home for big cats that were kept in inadequate conditions in zoos, circuses or private captivity.

Accommodation: The on-site accommodation is in clean but basic shared bungalows which have comfortable beds, fans, western style toilets with a manual flush and cold showers. On site you will also find a communal area for eating, a small bar and a kitchen.

Sanctuary for Families is dedicated to the safety, healing and self-determination of victims of domestic violence and related forms of gender violence.

Since the publication of ISW’s last ISIS sanctuary map on March 31, 2016, ISIS lost terrain in Iraq and Syria. Iraqi Security Forces (ISF) recaptured the city of Hit in Anbar Province, western Iraq from ISIS on April 14 as part of ongoing operations to secure the Euphrates River Valley. Popular Mobilization Units (PMU) forces also continue to contest ISIS's control in the Makhoul Mountains, north of Baiji.

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At Pico Union Project we set out to rebuild one of the oldest Jewish communities in downtown Los Angeles—and we did, beginning with High Holy Day services we wouldn’t have imagined in our wildest dreams. Keep your eyes peeled for upcoming monthly Shabbat services! Thank you to our Sanctuary friends for helping to build such an incredible community. Below are some words from a few High Holy Day-goers and [email protected] Union members!

Read the experience of turkeys on factory farms, look at the photos of undercover investigations, or watch "Thanksgiving’s Toll on Turkeys ." Then share this information with your social networks.

The Sanctuary Project - UntitledThe Sanctuary Project - UntitledThe Sanctuary Project - UntitledThe Sanctuary Project - Untitled