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Since 2010, Mills has played with a rotating group of musicians for a series of concerts built around Big Star's seminal album, Third/Sister Lovers . Known as Big Star's Third , the concerts have taken place in London, Sydney, Chicago, Seattle, Los Angeles, and New York. [16]

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Reconstruction of the historical development of Vithoba worship has been much debated. In particular, several alternative theories have been proposed regarding the earliest stages, as well as the point at which he came to be recognised as a distinct deity. The Pandurangashtakam stotra , a hymn attributed to Adi Shankaracharya of the 8th century, indicates that Vithoba worship might have already existed at an early date. [13]

Ginsberg's lessons in what he called "Expansive Heroic Poetics" (a term he used to describe his own way of writing) were designed to open the poet up, to awake and yank him or her out of Grandmother's dusty intellectual attic. Ginsberg draws a diagram for how to get to there in "Mind Breaths," a poem (literally) about following one's own breath (spirit?) around the world. This bit of advice from Kerouac's "List of Essentials" ("Belief & Technique for Modern Prose") pertains -- as a version of following after of one's own winding spirit: "Blow as deep as you want to blow." One of my favorite Allen Ginsberg recollections is of hearing him recite Shelley's "Ode to the West Wind," which he offered as a model for how commas in poems should read and be read aloud. His recitation was magnificent because Allen himself was all about spirit and wind.

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Waxing Poetics - HermitageWaxing Poetics - HermitageWaxing Poetics - HermitageWaxing Poetics - Hermitage